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  • Name: rob k.
  • Age: 50
  • Gender: Male
  • Location: fargo ND US
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i love my 650 vstar. itry to ride atleast once every month,weather permiting.
i work with steel so i like to make custom parts for my bike.
if you'r ever in fargo look me up,i'll take you on a great bike run.image

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    hey brother
    nice ride ,cool shield just cant do a shield myself dont feel right i think i like the wind in my face too much ,like the paint job is that a stock color for 07?
    i wasnt ofered that one


    Reply from rob7:

    yea i think it's a stock color. i get about 55 to 60 mpg, not BaD better than stock for sure,i think the hypercharger adds A LOT TO THATstay safe and keep the shiny side up
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    Hey Rob;
    Sorry I haven't got back to you. I don't go to this part of Yuku very often. Usually just the Starclub but haven't even been there in a while. Too busy!
    My bikes an `03 Classic 650. When I put it up for the winter it had charging issues to be dealt with in the spring. I love riding so which bike isn't all that important to me, but I do like this bike pretty well. I have about 36000 miles on it now. If I ever get to ND I'll give you a shout. Do the same if you ever get to Seacoast area of NH.
    Tom H. (CruisinStar)
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